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What to Look For in a Quality Alzheimer’s Community or Group Home for Your Loved One

Alzheimer’s disease is a difficult diagnosis – for both the patient and their family members. When symptoms like memory loss and the declining ability to do simple tasks worsen, patients and family members may feel defeated. This is why quality care is so important to consider early in the journey. Certainly, good Alzheimer’s support is vital to a patient’s quality of life while they are still in their home. It is possibly even more important if and when the family is seeking care outside of the home.  When selecting a community for an Alzheimer’s patient, the following attributes and amenities are important considerations:


Social Engagement and Activities

Daily socializing and stimulation are an essential component of Alzheimer’s care.  Just like the majority of people prior to their diagnosis, having hobbies and maintaining relationships helps Alzheimer’s patients feel happier and less anxious. Daily activities such as puzzles, games, and mental/physical exercises for seniors can boost patients’ confidence and create structure which ultimately keeps them from feeling isolated.


Family Support

Family members need to be the main source of guidance when it comes to the patient’s care journey.  When family members truly want what is in the best interest of their loved one, they will be heavily involved in creating a plan for the patient, and deciding what is most beneficial, enjoyable and attainable for their loved one. Family members are highly encouraged to come and visit as often as they would like. Maintaining close family connections is vital for both patients and family members, so an open-door policy is important.


Consistent Staffing

Familiar staff members and caregivers create structure for already confused and often disoriented residents.  Consistent staffing helps develop close relationships between patients and staff which makes for an all-around better living environment. Caregivers who truly foster and develop relationships with the resident are typically an extension of family, providing compassionate care and knowledge of patient preferences. Plus, they are adequately trained and ready for any issue that may arise.


Good Environment

A happy, yet calming environment is crucial in the search for a memory care community of high quality.  Each of the elements described above, help create an environment of consistent quality.  Staff members, social and physical activities, and a resident’s family can positively or negatively affect an Alzheimer’s patient’s everyday life. Residents living with Alzheimer’s need to feel safe and well-taken care of. A comfortable home-like environment with very little clutter is ideal. A patient needs to feel independent and comfortable without feeling like they are in a hospital.


A combination of these four elements is key to finding the right community or group home for your loved one with a memory diagnosis. Having structure and people they can trust is so important to create a soothing and relaxed environment. The above list of considerations is imperative when searching for the perfect place for your loved one.

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