Our Dallas Residential Care Homes

While home is what you make it, we know your loved one has built their home over many years and even more memories. It’s not easy to say goodbye to familiar rooms, cherished keepsakes, and the places where our stories began. We realize the emotional nature of moving into a new home in the later years of life, especially when it comes with the added challenge of Alzheimer’s or early onset dementia.

Our number one priority is to welcome your parent or relative into a safe, comfortable, and loving environment. That’s why our Dallas locations are designed to feel like single family homes. The moment you arrive to one of our residences, you’re greeted by a spacious, one-story ranch house, constructed with beautiful brick or stone and framed with lush landscaping and outdoor gathering places.


What is it Like Living at Avalon Memory Care?

We have eight Dallas locations, giving you many options for your loved one to live near the places in which they’ve nurtured strong connections throughout their life.

The small, family-like atmosphere eases our residents into a routine that feels similar to what they’ve been accustomed to for many years. Private bedroom suites with roomy baths are always an option for your family member, so they can relax amongst special family photos and heirlooms, have a sense of security, and enjoy time to themselves.

For residents who want to interact with others and form friendships, there are also common social spaces. Plush, reclining sofas, dining tables for friends to gather, and professionally decorated living areas add an organic, homey ambiance. Even the kitchen feels just like home, where everyone can meet around the island and share a homecooked meal.

The gorgeous furnishings aren’t just indoors! Residents can step outside to visit our secure patios and fenced gardens, and bask in some vitamin D. And according to WebMD, a small dose of sunlight is good for our mood, our bones, and our immune systems. Our healthcare team is on duty to encourage daily outdoor time for your loved one, and other activities that will brighten their week.

Most importantly, we know that your loved one’s safety and happiness always come first. Our compassionate staff provide heartfelt care, while giving your family peace of mind that your senior will be lovingly assisted.


Transitioning to Avalon Memory Care: What to Expect 

We strive to make a daunting—but necessary—move feel comfortable, welcoming, and never unconventional or foreign. Our expert team of healthcare providers loves seniors and are equipped in every aspect of memory care. We definitely know medicine and therapy very well, but we give so much more as people who truly want the best for your loved one.

  • When you arrive, your loved one will see a lovely, established, one-story home, complete with flowers and shrubs, and plenty of parking for your visits.
  • Your loved one will be warmly greeted by staff and the caregivers who’ll be connecting with them each day.
  • We’ll have your loved one’s own luxurious bedroom ready for them, including a ready-made bed, clothes in their closet, favorite mementos, and a television perfect for sleepy afternoons.
  • We’ll share a customized care plan with you and your loved one, tour you around the property, and answer any questions.
  • We’ll give you the time you need to help your family member settle in and get acquainted with their new surroundings.
  • We’ll keep you apprised of how your loved one is getting along and the progress they’re making or any setbacks.
  • We’ll care with all of our hearts.


If Dallas is home, Avalon Memory Care extends its hospitality to you and your parent or relative; to keep them in their home state or favorite city. Our goal is to bestow the best care to your family member and add to the quality of their unique life. They’re not leaving the family they know, but just expanding their circle of loved ones with our help and compassionate expertise.

If you’re concerned about a family member who is suffering from memory loss, dementia, or other cognitive diagnoses, please call one of our Dallas locations today. Avalon Memory Care is dedicated to dependable and respectful senior living assistance. We love what we do. We think you will, too.













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