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Why You Don’t Want to Miss Out on a Lewisville Journey

By Taryn Crouch, Community Liaison at Avalon Memory Care

I am so excited to share what’s going on in Lewisville, Texas. Not far from the water tower is Avalon Memory Care’s brand-new community, and it’s stunning! The architects and designers – both interior and memory care experts – seem to have thought of it all, and Avalon has placed one of my favorite people at the helm.  Sue Boyd has been in senior care for 33 years, 16 of them with Avalon.  I stopped in recently to get the full tour from Sue whose vivacious personality is already welcoming new residents at the front door.

As she lets me through the secure double doors, and takes me to the center of the community, the open concept kitchen grabs my attention. The upgraded finishes make it feel luxurious yet most importantly it feels like home.  There’s a walk-up bar with multiple juice dispensers, snacks available 24/7…and did someone just put chocolate chip cookies in the oven?  It smells like my childhood!  The good smells are intentional at all of our Avalon Memory Care communities. We know that creating aromatic food stimulates the appetites of residents who may not feel much like eating otherwise.

In the living room commons area is a large flatscreen television that sits just above an elegant electric fireplace – it looks like it’s 8 feet long!  This bright, comfy room is full of electronic recliners for group gatherings in this 27- person residence. Sue says a lot of fun takes place in here!

As Sue walks me toward the bedrooms, I notice 3 things: the incredible artwork on the walls, the long hall with a secure beginning and end (so residents don’t get lost walking in a circled hallway), and these lighted shadow boxes next to each door.  They hold treasures and photos that have meaning for each resident.  It serves as a guidelight for them and makes it easier to recognize which door leads to their private room.  The items inside the box are designed to trigger fond memories of their younger days. I can’t wait to meet the man whose shadow box holds a hula dancing bobblehead next to a photo of a darling young woman. There has to be a story there!

The bedrooms have a light, calm hue to the walls with built-in dressers, and beautiful, comfy beds.  The bathrooms have high-end fixtures and features like state-of-the-art showers with an invisible drain. As the disease progresses, it’s common for those with dementia to notice changes in their vision. Removing the center drain of a shower eliminates a common visual fear and makes bathing more pleasant for the resident.

Sue won’t let me leave without a tour of the outdoor space at Lewisville.  The lovely light-colored stone exterior compliments the covered patio with ample seating, the planters overflow with blooming flowers and then there’s the putting green – complete with clubs and balls.  The goal with all activities at Avalon is to keep residents engaged during the day to help them sleep better at night.  The putting green provides another positive daytime stimulation in a safe, gated outdoor space for pure pleasure.  It’s where we found one of our staff members spending time with one of our new residents.

Just as I was introducing myself to Bob, an airplane from nearby DFW flew overhead.  The staffer immediately turned to him to ask, “where do you think that plane is going, Bob?”  With a huge grin on his face and much conviction he said, “Hawaii!” “Why Hawaii?” she asked.  He tells all within earshot where he was stationed for part of his early military career and how he met the love of his life, Susan. She was dancing at a luau. Now I know which shadow box belongs to Bob!

That simple question is what Sue Boyd calls “joining their journey.”  It’s what our caregivers at all Avalon communities do.  Our trained team understands the many nuances of dementia and Alzheimer’s and they let the residents take them wherever their mind goes that day. It’s truly one of the reasons I work for Avalon.  Families that I have the privilege to meet and then they choose to move their loved one here, tell me they get to enjoy their loved one again because they no longer have to be the caregiver too.

If you’re interested in learning more about Avalon in Lewisville or any Avalon Memory Care location, please reach out to me. I would love to learn about your loved one’s journey and help you navigate this challenging time.  To learn more about all that Avalon has to offer call me at (214) 213-5208.

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Beginning in September 2021, Avalon will be initiating boosters for the COVID-19 vaccine for all staff and residents.
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