What Should Memory Care Look Like?

Having a loved one in the mid-to-late stages of dementia is overwhelming. And when families look for memory care they can trust, they often don’t know where to start. What should quality memory care look like? How do you know if a community will suit your loved one? Let us help you sort through the confusion around memory care.

As time passes, Alzheimer’s disease erodes a person’s memories and robs them of their self-identity. But regardless of their health condition, your family member deserves as much respect and compassion as anyone else. The following core elements of high-quality Alzheimer’s support can serve as an assessment tool for families looking for an assisted living home for their loved ones.

Strengthening your family relationship is a high-priority and a community should work with you and your loved one to make that happen. A well-designed community must support the health and well-being of your loved one, and the programs offered must be customized to your loved one’s individual needs.

What else should you look for when you find a community that meets those essential needs? You should see these crucial features in a high-quality community:

A Soothing Environment

Large, institutional buildings are not appropriate settings for individuals with Alzheimer’s. The harsh glare of overly bright lights, a maze of hallways, and dĂ©cor befitting a hospital confuse and overwhelm them. A specialized memory care location that mimics a traditional home is better for your loved one. A soothing, secure environment designed by memory care design experts allows residents to live out their days with the dignity they deserve, in a cozy and comforting space.

At Avalon Memory we pride ourselves in our home-like environment. And don’t let our homey and warm community fool you!  Every detail is designed to assist those with memory issues. Brightly lit, clear areas eliminate tripping hazards, hallways and doorways are designed to reduce confusion and wandering, and the dining experience is calm and soothing.

Family Relationships and Communication

No family should ever need an appointment to visit their loved one. We maintain an open-door policy at Avalon for our residents’ families and friends. Families should feel free to visit as often as they wish in our peaceful setting and even share a meal in the dining room.

If you’re a family member who can’t visit regularly, you’ll receive regular updates about the health and well-being of your loved one as often as you’d like.  In fact, residents and their family collaborate with us at Avalon to create a flexible individual care plan for each resident.  And because case changes are sometimes needed, we offer regular care plan reviews to make certain our residents receive the care they need, in a way that is best for them and feels right for the family.

Meaningful Activities

A person’s work, interests, and hobbies give them a sense of purpose. High-quality Alzheimer’s care locations give their residents daily social connectivity and mental stimulation opportunities. The activities offered at Avalon are not merely “busy work” but activities that each resident finds joyful and engaging.

We also offer regular pet, music, and art therapy to our residents who like cuddling a furry friend, listening to familiar songs, or flexing their creativity.

Caregiver Engagement

One of the essential elements of quality care is the caregiver. Memory caregivers should be highly trained and skillful individuals and genuinely compassionate and respectful of the residents they serve. Smaller memory care homes like Avalon have staff members who work within the same setting for several years, unlike larger homes, which often have high staff turnover. We are proud to have an adequate staffing ratio during the day and night that includes regular staff that the residents can know and recognize.

Our staff is also trained in dementia care and is available and equipped to deal calmly with the more challenging aspects of dementia, like aggression and anger.

You will find the core elements of high-quality care at Avalon Memory Care in Dallas, Arlington, and Houston. Our Alzheimer’s support professionals go above and beyond to maintain an unsurpassed level of care, safety, and well-being for each of our residents. When it is time to look for assisted living choices for your loved one, call us at (972) 364-4755.

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