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Daily Life With Dementia

While life with dementia is hard for patients, its toll on caregivers can be just as significant, especially for those faced with never-ending care while trying to earn a living, maintain their own health needs and have a life outside of caregiving.

In this video, we hear from Gloria and her aging mother, Geraldine, who has vascular dementia. Gloria is her mother’s primary caregiver. At the time the video was recorded Geraldine was relatively high functioning, but Gloria knows that her mother’s health will continue to decline and her needs will grow as her dementia progresses.  At some point, families like Geraldine’s will have difficult decisions to make, including whether to provide continuing care at home or move a loved one to a dementia care location.

Emotional and financial support from the rest of the family plus some outside assistance help Gloria manage her mother’s care. As she states, providing continuous care is all-consuming, and she feels that her life is not her own.

This situation puts Gloria at high risk for caregiver burnout, a serious condition affecting many caregivers.  Symptoms of burnout include social withdrawal, depression, irritability, sleeplessness, inability to concentrate, and a host of other health problems.

A report from the family caregiver alliance states that clinically significant symptoms of depression appear in 40-70% of caregivers, with many of them meeting the diagnostic criteria for major depression.

Are you at risk for caregiver burnout? The American Psychological Association recommends a caregiver self-assessment called “How Are You?” developed by the American Medical Association.

As hard as it may be to accept, caring for yourself is another way to care for your loved one.  Support groups can be a lifeline that can help you feel supported, understood, and connected.

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