Coronavirus Vaccine Brings High Hope to Avalon

It is a busy 2021, so far, with Avalon’s accelerated efforts to not only be one of the first senior living companies in *Texas to secure access to the coronavirus vaccine but one of the first to actually get the vaccine to their residents. Our new and established residents along with our staff of caregivers are now rolling up their sleeves to receive the Covid-19 inoculation.

Avalon has a partnership with CVS Drug Stores which is supplying and administering the Pfizer vaccine that comes in two doses a few weeks apart. Medical personnel are coming to the community to provide the inoculation. Avalon’s first round of shots started December 29, 2020 and so far, according to Community Liaison, Holly Bagwell, everyone has tolerated it well. The second round of the vaccine will be given at the end of January or early February. Holly says, “Many families have expressed great enthusiasm for the rollout of the vaccine at Avalon.”

For any family that has been considering a move for a loved one into Avalon, now is the time! Those who sign an agreement to secure their space at Avalon now and before the second dose of the vaccine on February 1st, will be included in this early senior living vaccine round. Reach out today to Holly Bagwell who will immediately get the process rolling.

After both phases of the vaccine have been administered, at the recommendation of Health and Human Services, Avalon will continue the CDC’s Infectious Disease Protocol for preventative measures anyway. Typical screenings upon entry will stay in place and family visitations will still be allowed under these conditions:
* outdoor visits (weather permitting)
* visits with a designated family member who agrees to wear the proper protection equipment
* visits through a plexiglass partition.

All visitors must make an appointment before arriving at Avalon.

Reach out to Holly Bagwell today. Call 469-9543 to learn more about moving your loved to Avalon in time to receive this early round of coronavirus vaccine.


* The information in this article pertains to Avalon Memory Care communities in Texas only.

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