Tips for Enjoying Your Visit to Avalon Memory Care

After you’ve moved your loved one into Avalon, one of the best things you can do for them is to visit them on a regular basis. No matter what stage of the memory loss journey your loved one is in, being near people who love them and engaging in fun activities will help you connect and nurture your relationship. That’s why we at Avalon Memory Care encourage the families of our residents to become a part of our community, too!

Still, we understand that it can sometimes be awkward or challenging to visit your loved one, especially if they’ve recently moved to memory care. Here are some of our top tips for helping make your visit successful and enjoyable for both of you.

Bring objects that you know your loved one will recognize and love. This could be a favorite book, souvenir, a photo of a much-loved grandchild (or the grandchild themselves)…whatever you know will bring your loved one comfort and joy.

Be present in their reality. If Mom tells a completely made-up story about her life or if Dad believes he’s on a train that’s headed out West, don’t argue with them or attempt to use logic (it won’t work). Instead, join them on that trip or ask Mom to tell you more about the time Aunt Sue did that one thing.

Plan some meaningful activities to participate in. Avalon Memory Care is specifically designed for the needs of memory care residents, and we often have some form of activity or programming going on. Look at the events calendar and see what might interest you both. Otherwise, bring a scrapbook to look through, watch a favorite movie together or play some songs from their childhood. You can also take a walk around our courtyard to get some fresh air and sunshine.

Visit during a good time. Individuals with dementia may be more comfortable and relaxed during different parts of the day. Plan your visit to coincide with those times (and if you aren’t sure what times are good, ask our staff – since we’re with your loved one every day, we can give you a good idea of when to visit).

It’s okay to just “be.” As humans, we’re trained to be uncomfortable with silence, and many of us will fill a quiet space with chatter. It’s possible, though, that your loved one may not be very talkative when you visit. Remember that silence is okay, and that you just being there and showing your affection can be very beneficial for your loved one.

Keep visiting, even as your loved one’s journey continues. It’s an incredibly hard thing when your loved one no longer recognizes you, or as they lose their ability to function. But even though their memory is gone, emotional memory is retained. Even if your loved one doesn’t know who you are, they can remember the emotions they feel when they’re together with you. You can still find moments of joy in your time together, even in the very late stages of dementia.

To find out more about Avalon Memory Care in Dallas, Arlington or Houston and how our continuous care and mental health care for individuals with dementia can make a difference in the life of your loved one, call us at (972) 713-1383.

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