How will my answers be used?

Depending on your survey answers we may need to contact you to get clarification. If you do not want to be contacted you can indicate that on your survey.

Will my responses be anonymous?

It's up to you.

When we take action on your responses we will make every attempt to do so in a way that will not identify you, however, staff may still be able to recognize you based on your responses.

If you would like to complete the survey but absolutely do not want your answers shared with staff we will respect that. This may limit what actions we can immediately take to address your comments.

Survey Questions

Contact Preferences

How would you prefer to be contacted? What are the best times to reach you?


Please rate our services on a scale from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest rating:

  • ( 1 ) Very poor service that needs immediate attention
  • ( 2 ) Poor service that needs improvement
  • ( 3 ) Average service that you would expect
  • ( 4 ) Above average service that creates a sense of security and contentment for your loved one
  • ( 5 ) Excellent service that you would recommend to others







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General Comments:

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