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Expedited Acceptance Program

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When a resident or family member with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other cognitive impairments begins exhibition behaviors that require additional care or services, careful planning and consideration is required to determine the best plan of action. Unfortunately, there are instances where these behaviors escalate so quickly that the facility or family is forced to make a decision without adequate time to research and plan. This is why Avalon created the Expedited Acceptance program, a preferred program of care that is designed to assist other facilitates, discharge case managers or families with an expedited admission process.

Our expedited process is designed to take a resident/family in crisis or a behavioral situation that a facility may be unequipped to handle and allow our experienced, specialized team to rapidly find a solution for safe and appropriate care. With the Expedited Acceptance Program, your challenge is our opportunity to shine.

Beginning in September 2021, Avalon will be initiating boosters for the COVID-19 vaccine for all staff and residents.
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