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Dementia Care

Avalon Memory Care excels in dementia care by focusing on preserving community members' memory abilities. Our tailored approach includes stimulating activities, personalized care, and a warm, family-like environment that encourages cognitive engagement. We're dedicated to helping individuals maintain their memory skills as they navigate the challenges of dementia.

Alzheimer’s Care

Avalon Memory Care's expertise in Alzheimer’s Disease enables us to offer individualized and compassionate support, emphasizing self-esteem and autonomy. Our individualized care plans, secure environments, and highly trained staff support individuals in maintaining their memory. We provide activities and support that enhance cognitive function, allowing community members to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Our Residential Facilities

Our secure and comfortable settings feature magnetic door locks and spacious, home-like rooms, ensuring community members' safety and privacy. We cultivate a warm, family-like environment that reduces the sense of loneliness often associated with memory-related illnesses, providing daily joys and happiness for our community members.