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Avalon Memory Care specializes in the care of victims of Alzheimer’s Disease. In the past, Alzheimer’s victims were treated as sick-room patients. They were mainstreamed in with the general nursing home population, where they were frequently restrained chemically and/or physically. Large institutional settings can also be very confusing to the AD patient. Brightly lit long corridors with multiples of doorways and directions to choose from can cause the patient to become extremely confused or frightened.

Imagine if you will, being a little child that has never lived any place but at home with their families. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, you are moved to a large unknown building full of strangers. Everyone seems to always be in a hurry and no one ever takes time to speak even when you want to talk. Every activity you do, you do with a large group of people, some are nice but others frighten you. When they say it is time to eat or bathe, you must obey them, even if you are not hungry, or do not care for the meal they are serving, it makes no difference. Everything is on a rigid timetable. In order to care for a large group of residents, few independent choices are available. This often causes confusion, the major social enemy to a person with AD.

This description of a care facility may sound a little harsh to you or me. Many care facilities are wonderful institutions, with well-trained, caring staff. A large, institutional setting, no matter how well staffed or equipped, is not a preferred environment for a person with Alzheimer’s Disease.

A National Award Winner, Avalon stands out among all others as the absolute premier provider of dementia care. The IBM Employees Benefit Trust selected Avalon as the choice of IBM employees as an outstanding provider of a unique revolutionary form of dementia care. Avalon was honored as the original Texas founder of the concept of secured dementia care in a residential environment.

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Avalon Memory Care Homes are homes.

One doesn’t leave home… it is more like going home. We are the flagship in alternative care for the Alzheimer’s resident.
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Avalon Memory Care has gone to great lengths to provide a mode of care that is uniquely tailored to the special needs of the Alzheimer’s victim. We are concerned with every phase of the resident’s needs (physical, emotional, and social). We work to restore and support the resident’s self esteem, dignity, and the resumption of as many of the daily personal tasks of which the resident is capable. Surrounded by family treasures and memories, the residents live in the comfort and privacy of their own rooms in a spacious, ranch style, one level home with built-in security features such as a secured patio and roomy backyard. They bond with and enjoy the companionship of other residents and inevitably form a “family feeling” that eliminates the loneliness or isolation often experienced in institutional settings. They enjoy luxury accommodations including exquisite furnishings in these fine homes.

We provide professional and sensitive care for the physical, emotional, mental, and social needs of our residents. Our care focuses on the safety and well-being of our residents, 24-hours a day. We have many excellent referrals and are licensed by the State of Texas as a small/large Class B Assisted Living with Alzheimer and Related Disorders certification.